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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Siemens' New S Class Revolutionizes the Paradigm of Ultrasound Workflow Today and Tomorrow

New ACUSON S2000 Ultrasound System Dramatically Enhances the Way Ultrasound
Departments Work and Provides a Platform for Cutting-Edge Technology and

CHICAGO, Nov. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- At the 93rd Scientific Sessions and
Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) from
Nov. 25 to 30 at McCormick Place (Booth 7713, Hall B), Siemens Medical
Solutions ( will unveil the ACUSON S2000(TM)
ultrasound platform, the first system in Siemens' new S Class of ultrasound
products. It will have capabilities for paradigm-shifting applications such
as Acoustic Radiation Forced Impulse (ARFI)* imaging and is prepared to
integrate Silicon Ultrasound++ technology.

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"We see ARFI and Silicon Ultrasound as the biggest changes in the
industry since Doppler imaging became clinically useful," said Klaus
Hambuchen, president, Siemens Medical Solutions, Ultrasound Division. "The
ACUSON S2000 system represents the pinnacle of innovative technology,
workflow-enhancing clinical applications and state-of-the-art ergonomic
design. It is our new premier general imaging platform that will change the
way ultrasound is viewed today."

Siemens will also showcase its X Class solutions, which include the
ACUSON X150(TM) and ACUSON X300(TM) ultrasound systems, as well as the P
Class of portable solutions with the handheld ACUSON P10(TM) and the
laptop-based ACUSON P50(TM) system.

Next Generation Ultrasound

Covering the entire continuum of care from screening to diagnosis to
therapy and follow-up, the new ACUSON S2000 ultrasound system will feature
applications across general imaging, including obstetrics and gynecology
(OB/GYN), as well as vascular and cardiac imaging.

The ACUSON S2000 is Siemens' new platform for some of the most
innovative ultrasound applications, including ARFI, which uses acoustic
energy to displace tissue for a qualitative and quantitative assessment of
deep tissue stiffness. Current research suggests that this type of
assessment may be useful for differentiation in abnormalities such as liver
tumors or the quantification of fibrosis progression.

The ACUSON S2000 system is also capable of integrating Siemens'
groundbreaking Silicon Ultrasound technology, which introduces the first
entirely new class of ultrasound transducers in 40 years. Silicon
Ultrasound technology uses the precise semiconductor processing techniques
of the computer chip industry to create a family of probes that will enable
volumetric 4D imaging in a wide range of applications. With Silicon
Ultrasound, clinicians will get true isotropic 3D images enabling them to
see the same fine level of detail in each direction that they choose to
examine the imaging data. At RSNA, Siemens will present the power of this
approach in breast imaging and other high-resolution applications.

Additionally, Siemens is preparing the ACUSON S2000 system for
Automated Breast Scanning (ABS), a technique that provides automated,
reproducible 3D ultrasound volumes of the breast. ABS is an important tool
in the screening, diagnosis and follow-up care of breast cancer
supplementing mammography, especially in women with dense breast tissue.
ABS reduces acquisition variability and cycle time when compared to manual
breast ultrasound, making it more reproducible and consistent for
interpreting physicians.

Increased Clinical Confidence

The ACUSON S2000 ultrasound system improves clinical confidence with a
number of intelligent applications. For instance, Advanced SieClear(TM)
spatial compounding uses electronic beam steering to rapidly acquire
overlapping images from different view angles. The technique enhances
anatomic border definition and improves overall tissue contrast.

In combination with Dynamic TCE(TM) tissue contrast enhancement, it
further reduces speckle/noise and enhances borders. Dynamic TCE can improve
subtle tissue differentiation especially for patients who are technically
difficult to image. The ACUSON S2000 system will be the first to deliver 3D
TCE with speckle reduction allowing for stellar 3D images.

Users also benefit from access to advanced HD (high density) transducer
technology using extremely fine pitch to double the transducer elements
yielding superior lateral and contrast resolution. Siemens Hanafy lens
transducer technology and Multi-D(TM) array technology also improve slice
thickness and image uniformity with a high degree of reliability and an
improved signal-to-noise ratio for high-frequency imaging.

Knowledge-Based Workflow

Siemens will also deliver knowledge-based workflow applications that
dramatically improve the efficiency of ultrasound exams. For instance, with
syngo(R) Auto OB, users can generate semi-automatic biometric fetal
measurements. syngo Auto OB saves up to 75 percent of the keystrokes in
routine fetal exams. The ACUSON S2000 system also takes advantage of
Advanced fourSight(TM) technology which has enhanced functionality for
volumetric acquisition, data rendering and post-processing. The software
also includes Amnioscopic Rendering, which provides a unique
surface-rendering technique for stunningly realistic and detailed views of
the fetus.

Additional Fetal Heart STIC (Spatio-Temporal Image Correlation) imaging
captures data over multiple heart cycles and creates a 3D fetal heart
volume that allows sonographers to view the heart in multiple planes.

syngo eSie Calcs(TM) introduces border detection technology which
segments an area of interest and provides automatic calculations. By simply
defining a boundary box, the application traces lesions and automatically
calculates the volume in 3D or the area in 2D.

Ergonomic Improvements

Besides using the latest technology advancements and applications to
improve efficiency and workflow, Siemens has also addressed the ergonomic
design of the ACUSON S2000 system. It boasts a simple, intuitive user
interface with an adaptable design and user-customizable controls
preventing repetitive motion injuries experienced by many clinicians today.
The system also sports motor-memory learning features in a small,
lightweight package. The adjustable system keyboard and 19-inch flat-panel
monitor accommodate users of various heights and various scanning

Small Is the New Big

Earlier this year, Siemens introduced the handheld ACUSON P10(TM)
ultrasound system. A little larger than a common PDA, the ACUSON P10 weighs
only 1.6 pounds, and fits easily into a lab coat pocket. It is intended for
complementary initial diagnostic care and triage, particularly in emergency
care, obstetrics and cardiology. The system can be used by physicians and
medical personnel in a number of environments including intensive care
units, ambulances and medevac helicopters. It can also be used to detect
conditions that may be clinically significant, but have previously required
expansive or invasive diagnostic testing in asymptomatic patients.

Hand-Carried Ultrasound

With the introduction of the ACUSON P50(TM) hand-carried ultrasound
system, Siemens is addressing the evolving needs of communication in
medicine. The ACUSON P50 system offers ultrasound, communication and
computer functionality in one sleek, elegant laptop-based system. Designed
for mobile use in cardiology and vascular imaging, the system provides
excellent tissue differentiation, high spatial and temporal resolution, as
well as color and Doppler imaging. The ACUSON P50 can integrate syngo
Ultrasound Workplace(TM) for performing advanced clinical applications as
well as image review and analysis. It operates on a standard Windows(R)
laptop for ease-of-use and PC-related productivity benefits. The system
travels anywhere, anytime ultrasound imaging solutions are needed.

X Class

Siemens will also showcase its X Class family of products, the ACUSON
X150 and X300 ultrasound systems. Both are excellent solutions for
mid-sized facilities and deliver an outstanding combination of diagnostic
performance, ergonomics and scalability. The ACUSON X300 is an all-purpose
ultrasound system that provides a compact, portable color Doppler solution
and delivers exceptional clinical performance across a wide variety of
applications. The system can be equipped for streamlined exam workflow, and
it boasts an ErgoDynamic design to maximize user comfort. When mobility is
of the essence, or space is limited, the fully featured ACUSON X300 system
meets the most demanding operational and clinical challenges.

Compact and portable, the ACUSON X150 system is designed to fit the
clinical needs of busy general imaging settings and grow as patient
requirements or clinical applications evolve. Platform upgradeability
allows the user total flexibility to add sensitive color and power Doppler
capabilities and a cardiac screening application. The ACUSON X150 features
3-Scape(TM) real-time 3D imaging for the construction of real-time 3D
images during free-hand acquisition.

About Siemens Medical Solutions

Siemens Medical Solutions is one of the world's largest suppliers to
the healthcare industry. The company is a renowned medical solutions
provider with core competence and innovative strength in diagnostic and
therapeutic technologies as well as in knowledge engineering, including
information technology and system integration. With its laboratory
diagnostics acquisitions, Siemens Medical Solutions will be the first fully
integrated diagnostics company, bringing together imaging and lab
diagnostics, therapy, and healthcare information technology solutions,
supplemented by consulting and support services. The company delivers
solutions across the entire continuum of care -- from prevention and early
detection, to diagnosis, therapy and care. Siemens Medical Solutions
employs more than 48,000 people worldwide and operates in 130 countries. In
the fiscal year 2007 (until Sept. 30th), Siemens Medical Solutions reported
sales of euro 9,85 billion, orders of euro 10,27 billion, and group profit
of euro 1,32 billion (preliminary figures, unaudited). Further information
can be found by visiting

* ARFI is a Works in Progress and information about this product is
preliminary. The product is under development and not commercially
available in the U.S., and its future availability cannot be ensured.

++ Silicon Ultrasound is a Works in Progress and information about this
product is preliminary. The product is under development and not
commercially available in the U.S., and its future availability cannot
be ensured.

SOURCE Siemens Medical Solutions


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