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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Siemens p50 - a macbook pro ultrasound machine

If you're a typical MacBook Pro user you are probably pretty smug about all the things you can do with your machine, but I am pretty sure that you have never used it for something like this. Siemens has modified the MacBook Pro to become a powerful, portable ultrasound machine. The P50 will allow doctors and other medical professionals the ability to travel wherever they need to go without sacrificing the equipment they need.

Though most people will think of growing fetuses when they hear ultrasound, this machine is instead designed for vascular and cardiology applications. It comes with a range of cardiology applications including an integrated stress echo function. Since portability was the obvious goal, Siemens worked hard to simplify the ultrasound process, and to shorten the time it takes.

That's a pretty impressive use for a Mac computer, but don't expect it to show up in Apple commercials any time soon - Siemens chose to use Windows as the operating system for the P50.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This system wasn't actually developed by Siemens but a Boston based company called Teratech, who sell it directly as Terason. The technology is world class and has been under research for over 20 years. Customers are still be able to buy an almost identical product from Terason at a cheaper price and in some countries Siemens are unable to sell at all because of existing exclusive agreements with Terason distributors.

December 16, 2007 at 2:28 AM  

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