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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Plans for New Advanced Hospital Underway

It is the beginning of a new era at Parkview Regional Medical Center. Constructions plans are underway to modernize the Fort Wayne 400 bed hospital by instating state of the art technology into the system.

Some of the grand plans include reconfiguring rooms and outlets to make optimum use of advanced medical equipment. Rooms will come equipped with strategically centered windows so patients can be monitored by nurses at all times. Wireless technology will allow contact to be made between patients and medical personnel whenever necessary, and there will be smart sheets in every room that monitor patients automatically.

Aside from advanced technology and medical equipment, the hospital is putting in comfortable beds and furniture for family members who want to spend time with their loved ones. On a different note, special educational rooms will be set up to instruct patients on proper care after leaving the hospital, as well as rooms for the nurse to use when taking their breaks.

These plans have been carefully thought out and discussed for more than a year now. The goal of the hospital is to make patients feel at home and while getting the best care and service possible.

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