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Friday, December 7, 2007

San Francisco Medical Center tracks equipment in real-time

By Molly Merrill, Contributing Writer

SAN FRANCISCO - The University of California San Francisco Medical Center's project team has implemented a real-time location system to track the location, status and movement of the center's medical equipment.

UCSF Medical Center's project team performed an evaluation of six proposals from different vendors before making the decision to install San Diego-based Awarepoint's real-time awareness solution.

"Awarepoint was a strong leader and was accepted as the negotiation team's first choice," said Alisa Armstrong, project manager for UCSF Medical Center.

UCSF Medical Center, part of the University of California, ranks among the top 10 of the nation's premier academic medical centers.

"With the installation of Awarepoint, the UCSF operating rooms' equipment will be reliably retrievable within minutes including weekend and after hours shifts," said James Bennan, administrative director for perioperative services.

Awarepoint's RTLS needs no hardwiring or fixed infrastructure due to wireless sensors, which plug into electrical outlets. Assets are attached with small, battery-powered tags, which are tracked using the Web-based Searchpoint search engine.

"Long delays looking for unique items such as MRI-compatible equipment will be eliminated and our ability to rapidly find difficult intubation carts and other urgently needed items will be greatly enhanced," Bennan said.

"In addition, clinical engineering will be able to identify maintenance issues proactively, rentals will be tracked and logged for return and equipment conflicts will be minimized," he added.

Installation and the tagging of 700 assets throughout UCSF Medical Center took under 48 hours.

Mike Addis, sales engineer at Awarepoint, said it was one of the fastest installations that the company has done to date.


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