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Monday, August 11, 2008

A Five Day Old’s Struggle for Life

The doctors didn’t think the tiny infant had a chance, as they performed an emergency surgery on the baby’s not even a week after it was born. Why would this child have a chance when he was born with congenital diaphramic hernia, a rare disease that meant over half of his diaphragm was dangerously exposed?

The baby’s condition was not discovered until after his birth. Immediately upon discovering that the infant had some sort of unique and very possibly life threatening disease, the doctors hooked up the struggling infant to a series of different pieces of medical equipment to keep him alive while tests were done to determine what exactly the problem was.

Five days after the baby was born, he underwent a risky surgery to repair his hernia. The doctors inserted a patch to close up the diaphragm and it was touch and go for over two weeks. Because of the surgery and advanced medical equipment used, not even a month later the baby was allowed declared healthy enough to go home. His parents and doctors were overjoyed.

Five years later this child is an active and fully functioning little boy. Yes he still has to be careful about opening the patch over his diaphragm and has a low immune system due to an underdeveloped lung yet, he is a happy child who has big dreams for his future.


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